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Our Unique Technology

Movidity's technology is so unique, its been called disruptive.  Multiple patents are pending for our media delivery products.
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movy.tv is a revolutionary mobile media sharing system.  Created by Movidity and based on our patent-pending technology, movy.tv allows practically anyone to upload and share media with mobile devices worldwide.  movy.tv empowers users to mobilize practically any archived or live content across a wide range of mobile devices.


movy.tv is open for beta testing!



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movy.tv (beta) opening News release for opening of movy.tv (beta)  

movy.tv  Introduction

Introduction for movy.tv

movy.tv  FAQ

Frequently asked questions about movy.tv

movy.tv  Supported Devices

Outline of movy.tv device support

movy.tv  CEO's Message

A message from Movidity's CEO

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